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  • Use Analytics to Identify Your Best and Worst Customers

    Harness Customer Profitability Analysis to Boost Profits David Haertzen Customer Profitability Analysis (CPA) is an analytic approach that determines the profitability of individual  customers or segments of customers by identifying revenue and cost patterns associated with those customers.  This includes identifying the most profitable customers (angels) as well as unprofitable customers (devils). Dr. Robert Kaplan […]

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  • Data Warehouse Projects – Build Your Winning Team

    Pick Your Winning Data Warehousing Team David Haertzen, First Place Learning. Getting the right people involved in your data warehousing and business intelligence project is critical to the success of the effort.  Categories of people that are needed include: executive supporters, business users and technical team members.  When you have read this article you will […]

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  • Data Warehousing Mistakes – 6 Things Not To Do

    Data warehousing pros avoid these pitfalls. David Haertzen, First Place Learning. You can improve your odds of bringing in a successful data warehousing project by avoiding critical mistakes that others have made.  In this article, you will learn what these six critical mistakes are and how to avoid them.  First, create a data warehouse without […]

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  • Data Warehousing is our Passion

    Gain practical information for building and making the most of your data warehouse.

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  • Toolkits Improve Productivity

    Data Warehousing is a total architecture for collecting, storing, and delivering decision support data for an entire enterprise.

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